ZE Instagram v1.0 Latest Update New (Base Of GBinsta) Mods Edition Version Create By Omar Bawazir (Zee Android) Download Now Here

What is ZEInstagram Is a program to run a second account is based on the latest version of the application and instagram made Android devices support all plus other features.

 The ZEInstagram features 

* Ability to upload photos and videos
 * You can download photos and videos from alstorey
 * You can hide you watched stories (alstorey) of plugins and features and privacy 
* Possibility to preview images and videos in your player without saving it to computer's Your 
* The Ability To Share / And thecopy to like this photos Videos Links 
* Added : many Options For The Changing Theme (Color) Screen And Conversations Conversations
 * You Can the copy Comments
 * Can You Into Your Comments google translate and Language
* You can zoom (zoom) to personal photos and photo publications through prolonged pressure on them 
* Support click on the links in the program (publications-comments-in conversation) 
* Added an option to play audio with video automatically 
* You can copy bio (description) 
* You can tell your followers (insert person's file to anyone you'll find word your followers if your followers) 

What's new in v1.10 ZEInstagram

 * Update to copy the mail 
* You can connect audio and video
 * You can use IGTV platform for videos 
* You can request the verification badge blue profile 
* You can ask questions in the story (alstori) 
* You can do mnshn or Anaphylaxis in the story (alstorey)

* You can add a music clip in the story (alstori) 
* You can highlight special section talks 
* Activate the feature activity status (last appearance) for the presence of friends connected in the program 
* Fix collapse when trying to upload an image or video 
* Fixed color bubbles in chat when you reply to a alstorey 
* Fixed some colors after pressing any publication in the Research Department. 
* You can highlight any conversation with a star * You can sort conversations by timing the messages or starred talks 
* Repair open conversations and that the program needs updating * Update to copy the mail 
* You can now hide you watched stories (alstori) of plugins and features and privacy

* Add option to disable 7.2 drag left / right on the main interface 
* Fixed zoom photo profile 
* You can comment on any quick publication 
* You can cancel any account without opening the profile by pressing the button the three dots next to the publication and then unfollowing 
* Add option to change color Add comment. In the main interface 
* Add option to change the background color, add a comment. In the main interface 
* Add option to change color posting a comment. In the main interface

* Added server themes you can now choose your theme 
* Add new options to change profile screen theme 
* Add new options to change the alerts screen theme 
* To log in via Facebook (uninstall Facebook and then log balanstkram and then install the application on Facebook)
 * Add new options to modify the theme (color) main interface 
* Add the possibility to vote 
* You can now save / apply / clear / share your theme 
* Add option 1.2.17 to change the color of the impressive letter (heart) in conversation.
 * Add option to change the color of the impressive letter 2.2.11 (heart) in conversations 
* Possibility to preview images and play videos in your player without saving it to your computer

* Support multiple loading (you can now upload 10 pictures at once with one click) 
* Add a new section with additions and features to change the theme (color) screen comments 
* Adavhaikonh to access the plugins section of the properties in the profile section

[ New ] Base Updated to
[ Added ] Support for IGTV
[ Added ] Video Calls
[ Added ] Now can Add Voice Note In story
[ Added ] Now can ADD Tag in Story
[ Added ] You Can Make a Chat Favourite
[ Fixed ] Bubble Color when Reply to Story
[ Fixed ] Themes after Viewing Post in Search
[ Fixed ] Crash when Click on Download/Preview
Many More Fixes...

Important Note -

1. Profile Pic Cannot be Fixed as Instagram Removed the APIs. Will try adding some Workaround for the same. Apps available on Playstore have their own servers so don't say about it.

2. Everything Works as it Should... So kindly check everything from your end before reporting.

3. GBInstagram Themes has been already added in OSMThemes App Available on PlayStore.

📌 GBInstagram+ & GBInsta Features :-
🔹 Based on
🔹 Privacy Hide View Status (Don't tell anyone that you have viewed their Stories)
🔹 Preview For Videos/Images
🔹 Ability to Download more than 1 image at once from a single post
🔹 Ability to Zoom Profile Pics
🔹 Ability to Download Videos/Images
🔹 Ability to Share/Copy URL
🔹 Ability to Download Stories
🔹 Ability to Theme Chats
🔹 Ability to Theme Comments Page
🔹 Ability to Copy Comments
🔹 Ability to Translate Comments
🔹 Ability to Copy Bio
🔹 Ability to Support Links In-App
🔹 Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound.
🔹 Know Who Follows You.

✔️ Steps for How to Install⤵️

For Logging through Facebook or to Link FB Account

1. Uninstall/Disable FB App
2. ‎Install GBInstagram
3. Click on Login with Facebook
4. ‎Once Logged in you can install the FB App again.

If want to login using login details than you can safely install the apk and click on Login - No Need to Uninstall FB App

♦ Credits :- Omar ( atnfas_hoak ) : تطوير ♦

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ZE Instagram+ (com.zeinstagram)

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